Conditions for using viscoelastic anticorrosive tape

Time:2019-12-26 08:52:45

1. Excellent bonding performance: This product has strong bonding force, no need to apply primer, no peeling, no cracking, no hardening.

2. Simple construction: The construction of this product is relatively simple, and the surface treatment is not high. Manual rust removal to St2 level can meet the requirements.

3. Completely environmentally friendly: The materials used in this product are completely environmentally friendly, in line with modern anti-corrosion design concepts.

4. Cold flow and self-repairing function: This product is a never-curing viscoelastic polymer with unique cold-flow characteristics. Therefore, it can achieve self-repairing function and achieve complete protection in the process of anticorrosion and repair. .

5. Long-term effect: This product can completely prevent the invasion of water, completely prevent microbial corrosion, has good chemical resistance, and has no cathodic protection and peeling phenomenon. The body of the viscoelastic anticorrosive tape has a unique feature and is unique Long-lasting.

Application areas:

1. Repair of oil and gas pipeline anticorrosive layer.

2. 3PE anticorrosive layer damage repair.

3. Anti-corrosion protection of flanges, valves, pumps and other heterosexual equipment.

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