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Epoxy coal tar pitch cold wrap anti-corrosion layer characteristics

1. Epoxy coal tar pitch cold-wrapped anti-corrosion layer is a solvent-free environmental protection process, that is, the base tape and the styling glue do not contain volatile solvents, which are safe, fireproof and effectively protect the environment and the health of construction workers.

2. The base belt is polypropylene non-woven felt. This material is a new type of synthetic fiber with high mechanical strength and good corrosion resistance. The surface is free of wax and uniform in thickness. Therefore, the surface of the anti-corrosion layer is flat, tightly bonded, with less pinholes and electrical properties. Excellent anti-corrosion performance.

3. The setting gel is a solvent-free quick-drying formula. The anti-corrosion layer has a fast curing speed and is divided into two types according to the season: normal temperature type, low temperature type and ultra-low temperature type. Therefore, normal construction can be carried out throughout the year, which alleviates the winter construction problem. Ankang epoxy coal tar cold tape

4, the construction is convenient and fast, the winding can reach the thickness and spark detection voltage required by the reinforcement grade or special reinforcement grade anti-corrosion layer required by China's oil and gas industry standard SY/T0447-2014, than the original use of epoxy coal pitch The same anti-corrosion layer made of lacquer and glass cloth is labor-saving, convenient and fast.

5. The construction of anti-corrosion layer of epoxy coal tar pitch cold-wound belt enters the factory for pre-processing, effectively improves the construction quality and speed, and opens up the use scope for such asphalt glass reinforced plastic anti-corrosion layer with low price, long life and excellent anti-corrosion performance. .