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Viscoelastic anti-corrosion belt characteristics

The viscoelastic anti-corrosion belt is a new anti-corrosion product designed and researched for the purpose of burying underground pipes and other equipment that requires anti-corrosion. It has the advantages of convenient and simple construction, good sealing effect and long antiseptic life. It is an ideal product for anti-corrosion. Let's talk about the characteristics of the viscoelastic anticorrosive tape.

1. Cold flow and self-repair function: Viscoelastic anti-corrosion tape is a kind of non-curing viscoelastic polymer with unique cold flow characteristics, so self-repairing function can be achieved in the process of anti-corrosion and repair to achieve complete protection. Effect.

2. Excellent bonding performance: The viscoelastic anti-corrosion tape has strong adhesion, no need to apply primer, no peeling, no cracking, no hardening.

3. Long-lasting: The viscoelastic anti-corrosion belt can prevent moisture intrusion, prevent microbial corrosion, and has good chemical resistance, so it has unique long-lasting effect.

4. Environmental protection: The materials used in the viscoelastic anti-corrosion belt are environmentally friendly and conform to the modern anti-corrosion design concept.

The above are the four characteristics of the viscoelastic anti-corrosion belt. After understanding these, it is convenient for us to choose and use in the future, which brings great convenience to our life and work.