I. Product Overview

In addition to all the material properties of STOPAQ elastomer tape, our flexible elastomer tape also has flexibility and better resilience, which can be stretched 3 times of the original length. The adhesive tape can be changed into any shape, so as to adapt to the integrity of filling and covering of all kinds of abnormal pipe fittings, variable diameter pipeline and mending sleeve without gap. It needs to use adhesive paste of our company. Due to the use of two different substrate technologies, tapes are divided into low and high temperature applications. Low temperature viscoelastic body tape is made of elastic film, suitable for application alone at low temperature. High temperature viscoelastic body tape is made of superplastic film, suitable for high temperature with outer protective belt.


Two, product features

2.1 No need for sandblasting, lower bottom surface treatment requirements, ST3 level.

Wide operating temperature range, -30-+80℃.

2.3 No priming, can be directly bonded to 3PE, FBE, liquid epoxy coating, asphalt, PP and other coatings.

2.4 Pure olefin polymer, with the same chemical stability, excellent corrosion resistance and reliability as polyethylene plastic.

2.5 Flexible extension up to 3 times its own length, used for the integrity of non-clearance and non-wrinkle filling and covering of special-shaped pipe fittings, reduced diameter pipelines, anti-corrosion coating inside the filling mouth and outside the anti-corrosion sleeve of the filling mouth.

2.6 The construction is simple, convenient and quick, and the construction quality is easy to control. It is less affected by the technical level of personnel and the environment.

2.7 Minor mechanical damage can repair itself.

2.8 No aging, service life of more than 40 years.

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Three, product performance

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Iv. Form of product provision

Adhesive tape is provided in rolls, each roll is 10m in fixed length, and the width can be provided in four specifications: 50mm, 100mm, 150mm and 300mm. Release material: 5sPET release film. Inner packing is vacuum packing, outer carton packing.


Five, product use

Pipeline anticorrosive layer overhaul, local repair, elbow anticorrosive layer production, pipeline repair, new pipeline repair anticorrosive layer production.

Six, use reference

6.1 Construction environment: ≥-30℃ can be constructed. Construction is not allowed in rainy or snowy weather, RH≥85% or water on pipeline surface.

6.2 Surface treatment: asphalt or epoxy coal tar enamel shall be cleaned, fused epoxy powder coating and 3 layers of PE anticorrosive coating shall be wiped by hand without ash. The surface rust removal grade is ST2, and the surface shall be free of floating matter and grease.

6.3 Use of adhesive tape: hand-wound with large tension, the release film of the adhesive tape shall not be separated from the adhesive tape when not used.

6.4 Quality inspection: the reinspection sample shall be tested within 1 day, and the pipeline anti-corrosion coating shall be tested within 1 day after winding. Tensile speed for testing peel strength should be ≥200mm/min.

6.5 Storage and transportation: indoor storage at -10-35℃, away from fire, without exposure to sunlight, water, rain and freezing. Storage life: 18 months.

For specific construction technology, please refer to the construction technical scheme manual provided by our company.


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