I. Product Overview

Ningbo dada brand wan Adhesive waterproof elastic sealant (referred to as: Wan adhesive) is my company's latest research and development of an anti-corrosion waterproof products. It is a two-component rubber viscous liquid vulcanized at room temperature, vulcanized medium hard elastomer. It has good water resistance, heat resistance and cold resistance, can be firmly bonded with almost all the base, temperature resistance, uv light resistance, can take water construction, can take rust coating and other specific functions. It can be used as filling sealant, thick wall type anticorrosive coating, roof waterproof coating, concrete structure sealing material and other products. It can be used for pipe filling, replacing solvent-free epoxy coating and viscoelastic adhesive tape to make inner anticorrosive coating. It can be used for anticorrosion of gas pipe network ground well valves and other special-shaped components, anticorrosion of steel piles in sea water splash area, clearance of bolts, flanges, clearance between oil tank edge plate and foundation, filling and sealing of various underground concrete and steel structure joints and other industrial places. It can also be used for the production of the overall waterproof coating of the roof and the waterproof filling and sealing of the shade Angle and gap, as well as the waterproof bonding material between different materials (metal plate and concrete, glass and concrete, ceramic tile). After years of practical application research, the product can obtain satisfactory adhesion after curing whether it is coated on the substrate of various materials with rust or water, and its adhesion will not change due to the change of using conditions (such as temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.). When it is damaged by a large external force, the damage would rather occur on the coating body than degumming or bonding interface peeling.


Two, product features

2.1 Viscous liquid before curing, no flowing coating thickness of 3mm, can be deep into all gaps of a variety of materials base; After curing, the rubber elastomer or paste of medium hardness can not be brittle at low temperature (-40℃), and not flow at high temperature (120℃).

2.2 Wide operating temperature range, -40℃-+120℃.

2.3 This cured rubber elastomer with shore hardness of shoreA:75 has a cohesion strength lower than the bond strength, thus ensuring that the bond interface will never peel off. Compared with viscoelastic paste (Shore hardness ShoreA:0-5) and viscoelastic adhesive tape (Shore hardness ShoreA:15~20) with lower hardness, the hardness is greatly improved, so it has better ability to resist the impact of water flow, wave beating, and has better waterproof sealing ability.

2.4 in addition to the organic silicon and fluorine resin coating materials, and all of the materials (concrete, wood, all kinds of metal, epoxy coating, polyethylene, polypropylene, asphalt, glass, ceramic tile, exterior wall coating, rubber) under almost all conditions (humidity, low temperature, high temperature, sweating, with rust) all can obtain satisfactory stick relay, bonding strength is greater than the cohesive strength of the material, So there is a million viscose name. It has wider construction adaptability than viscoelastic paste and adhesive tape.

2.5 The material has very high chemical stability, and in addition to excellent waterproof and corrosion resistance, it also has excellent weather resistance, and can be directly exposed to the atmosphere and sai for up to 15 years.

2.6 high bonding strength, low cohesion strength, quality of a material of rubber elastomer, pervasive coating construction form, to the construction environment and construction of the height of the object is not fussy, chemical stability and low water absorption rate, fast heat resistant to cold, absolutely not in use, stick these features together of waterproof sealant will be present all substitute for viscoelastic material.

2.7 Flame retardant, coated on metal and concrete 2-3mm thick, direct flame ablation, non-flammable.


Iii. Form of product provision

Ningbo dada brand million stick waterproof elastic sealant using large plastic bucket two component packaging. There are 1kg, 6kg, 9kg packaging.

Iv. Product use

It is mainly used as anticorrosive material for special-shaped pipe fittings, bolts, sea piles, flange gap filling, pipe filling and pipe sleeve, as well as filling and sealing material for the gap between the edge plate of oil tank and the foundation, and various underground concrete and steel structure joints. It can also be used for the production of the overall waterproof coating of the roof and the waterproof filling and sealing of the shade Angle and gap, as well as the waterproof bonding material between different materials (metal plate and concrete, glass and concrete, ceramic tile).


Five, use reference

5.1 Construction environment: ≥-10℃ can be constructed.

5.2 Surface treatment: remove the floating matter and grease on the surface, and the wet or rusted surface will not affect the adhesion.

5.3 Material preparation: Wan Sticky waterproof elastic sealant is A two-component product. Before use, the two components should be mixed together in accordance with the weight ratio of A:B=2:1, and stirred evenly for 3-5 minutes. The prepared material should be used up once, and the remaining material can not be reused. For small packages of 1kg, manual stirring can be used, for larger packages, electric stirring tools can be used to stir, stir good materials should be static for more than 5 minutes to be used.

5.4 Material usage: The viscosity of 10000 sticky waterproof elastic sealant is 50,000-80000cps, which can be brushed or scraped. Spraying is not recommended. If spraying is required on some occasions, high-pressure airless non-atomizing spray gun can be used. Wan Adhesive waterproof elastic sealant operating time at room temperature is about 1 hour, 2 hours of dry time, 12 hours of dry, 4-7 days of complete vulcanization. The thickness of the anticorrosion layer to meet the general anticorrosion requirements is 1.5mm, and the thickness of the anticorrosion layer should be greater than 3mm for higher anticorrosion and waterproof requirements (when the thickness of the anticorrosion layer is below 3mm, it can be painted once).

5.6 heavy coating: at any time, as long as it is not underwater, no floating animals on the surface, wan Stick waterproof elastic sealant can be heavy coating. The bonding between the old coating and the new coating after heavy coating is excellent.

5.7 It is recommended that post-construction inspection and acceptance be carried out 7 days after construction.

5.8 Storage and transportation: indoor storage at -10-35℃. Storage life: 18 months.

Six, product performance

The following table gives the main performance indicators of Wan Stick waterproof elastic sealing paste. It has reached all the technical indicators of similar products abroad.


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